Are you a private client or a business client / Let’s Do It team leader / WCD partner?

If you want to buy only one or small amount pairs of worldsavers, you will be directed to Amazon to continue your purchase.

If you want to buy gloves for your “Let’s do it” team or for your company and it’s at least 500 pairs, you can add the worldsavers to the shopping cart on our webpage.


  1. You would have an amazing pair of gloves that help you to clean your backyard and even the world.
  2. The profits of Worldsavers will support World Cleanup Day Foundation to clean the world.
  3. Worldsavers are meant to be used multiple times – you can wash them more than 15 times and use them before and after World Cleanup Day!
  4. Worldsavers are a great tool to raise awareness of World Cleanup Day! Everybody wants to live in earthy paradise!


Private Clients – Amazon takes care of your order, our webpage will direct you straight to Amazon.

Business Clients and WCD partners all over the world – WCD website takes care of your order, you can add the gloves to our shopping cart.



Private Clients - Payment takes place on Amazon.

Business Clients – After making the order, we will contact with you about the payment method.



Private Clients – Amazon will deliver your worldsavers safely to you.

Business Clients - Our partners will deliver the worldsavers safely to you. If the amount of worldsavers is over 20 000, then the shipping fee will be included in the product price.

World Cleanup Day on the move!